2005 Honda Accord AT 3.0 EX V-6 overheating issues

Antonios Stamos

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CAUSE: What caused the radiator to crack at the top seam on a 2005 Honda Accord EX with the 3.0 liter V-6 engine with an Automatic Transmission, which in turn caused the engine to overheat ? The true cause was both a broken radiator fan motor fan blade and a seized radiator fan motor. CORRECTION: Replace broken radiator and radiator fan assembly with new parts. Add new or /top-off with the proper anti-freeze. Let engine run to make sure new radiator fan cycles on and off. After repairs check for coolant leaks. Road test car. Make sure temperature gauge does not go to over-heat range. Also make sure you have good amount of heat coming from the heater core inside the car. ESTIMATED TIME: <1 hour TIP: make sure the plastic elbow that goes throught the cap on top of the reservoir bottle is not cracked otherwise it will leak anit-freeze from there. After completing the repairs on this vehicle [the very same day] coolant was leaking from the plastic elbow coming from the resrvoir bottle. I had to buy from Honda dealer new plastic 90 degree elbow and cap that go on top of the coolant reservoir bottle. It only cost a few dollars and they had bot in stock. [see pictures] Additional TIP: make sure the a/c fan also operates, otherwise it is a good idea to replace it when you have the radiator out. If the vehicle you replacing the radiator on has 150,000 miles or more, then it is a good idea to just go ahead and replace the radiator fan assembly if the old one looks old and is the original one from the factory. Chances are if you leave the original fan assembly in, then it will go bad soon therafter the repair you did. Customer blaming you for the un-professional repair that you did.....Let the customer know if he or she will need to replace any addiational part or parts, such as radiator or a/c fan assembly. Inform the customer......

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