Hub & Wheel Bearing Replacement (Pressed-In Version)

David Fain


This video, performed at the customer's location, will show you how to replace the front wheel pressed-in hub and bearing. The wheel bearing is recessed and press-fitted into the steering knuckle and the wheel hub pressed into the inner race of the wheel bearing. The wheel hub and bearing kit used in this video consist of a new hub, bearing, retaining ring, and axle nut. This kit can be applied to a 06' - 12' Ford Fusion, 07' - 12' Lincoln MKZ & Zephyr, 06' - 11' Mercury Milan and 03' - 08' Mazda 6. To perform this job, you will need 1. High torque impact tool with a 32 mm 6 point socket, 2. Wheel bearing service kit, 3. Slide hammer with a hub adapter, 4. Snap ring pliers to compress a snap ring, and 5. Torque wrench rated to 180 ft. lbs.